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Dennis Laidler, Education Curator

Dennis Laidler, Education Curator

Potter Park Zoo

Thanks to Vertex Computer, tens of thousands of Potter Park Zoo visitors had a chance, this fall, to see our three Amur tiger cubs while they were in our nursery. The camera and computer system, donated by Vertex, allowed us to monitor the late stages of the mother tiger’s pregnancy and the birth of the cubs. Dr. Tara Harrison, the zoo’s veterinarian, was able to access the video feed from home which made it much easier to keep an eye on things. Having the Vertex video surveillance system helped save the life of the cubs. After the cubs were born, we used the Vertex system to monitor the cubs and mom. By the second day, it was obvious from the video feed that there was a problem. Closer examination by zookeepers and lab reports confirmed that the cubs had been born with pneumonia. They had to be pulled from their mom, given emergency medical treatment for several weeks and had to be hand-raised. All of us at the Potter Park Zoo are extremely grateful to the owner and staff of Vertex Computer. With their generous assistance and technical expertise, three highly endangered Amur tiger cubs are healthy, happy and give us hope that this species will survive.