Easy and Safe Remote Service for our business contract customer

Did you ever have this happen? You’re working on an important project and suddenly your work computer freezes and you can’t send out any of your files. Don’t you wish that someone could help you? No need to wish anymore, there really is a solution from Vertex. We can ‘remote access’ your business computer to help you.

remote2If you need help configuring devices or have computer questions at your office, Vertex can help! With your permission, we will safely and securely connect to your computer at your business and help you with whatever computer problems you may have. As long as you have an internet connection, we can access your computer. Just give us a call, and one of our technicians will help you setup, configure, install, or tune-up your computer remotely.

Why remote access?


The Vertex Business Client Online Repair Program is a relatively new approach to conventional PC and laptop repair. It harnesses the power of your high-speed internet connection to make computer repair quicker, simpler, and more accessible than ever before!


The Vertex Business Client Online Repair Program provides you with flexibility in your busy schedule and stay-at-business convenience. It is also an environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient way to make sure your computer issues are handled by a professional technician.


Our easy 3-step connection process will link your business laptop or desktop directly to one of our certified technicians who will then be able to handle the majority of computer, network, and peripheral issues that prevent you from getting the most out of your technology.


The procedure that your Vertex technician will use insures that access to your computer remains protected from unwanted cyber intrusion.

Connect in just three easy steps

  1. Call us to verify that remote access is the best choice among our services for your unique issue. Give us a brief description of your problem. Your Vertex technician will ensure it is eligible for our remote service.
  2. Now that you know the approximate time needed, schedule your service with a member of the Vertex team. Find a time and date that works best for you.
  3. Connect to your private session with one of our certified technicians. At the time of your scheduled session, your Vertex technician will call you to assist with our simple remote connection process.
Kim Lozano

Kim Lozano

Grand Rapids, MI

I thought I was going to need a new computer but Vertex cleaned up my existing machine, added memory and had it working like new in just 24 hours. That saved me cash–thanks guys!