Digital Video Security System

At Vertex Computer we can help you protect your physical property with a Digital Video Security System. Our Digital Video Security System includes the video surveillance cameras and integrated software programs that make it possible for you to monitor your property from inside or remotely, using a computer or a smart phone. You can watch your property and playback the recorded stream anywhere, as long as you have internet access. It doesn’t matter if you are around the corner or on a business trip in a foreign country, you can check on your business remotely using either a computer or a smart phone.

Keep intruders away from your property. Let our technicians explain to you how affordable the Vertex Video Security System is. It is a superior product to those that you will find at the chain stores for less money.

Maureen Culhane

Maureen Culhane

President, MPIA, East Lansing, MI

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when setting up new computer systems. With Vertex on our side, we knew we’d always be okay. Vertex built our PCs, designed our database, and set up a state-of-the-art phone system. For well over 15 years we have depended on Vertex to keep things running, and we have never been let down! I just can’t say enough — I’d recommend Vertex to everyone.