Computer Repair

School, business, games, net surfing, email, art, entertainment, etc., whatever you do with your computer, it should work well for you. Keeping your technology performing in top condition is our job. Just like a car, computers need tune-ups, new parts, and repairs. We are proficient at hardware, software, security, virus removal, wireless, and network issues, and we specialize in laptop repair.

You don’t have to know what’s slowing your computer down or causing that glitch, you just need to know we can fix it. If it’s not worth fixing, we’ll let you know. Best of all, we strive to be affordable and to have your computer back to you the next business day. If we run into delays, we’ll call you and let you know the status.


  • Virus/Spyware removal ($99)
  • PC Tuneup ($99)
  • Transferring/Sorting Data on New PC ($99)
  • Removable Device Data Recovery ($99)
  • Software data recovery ($199)
  • Hardware data recovery ($299)
  • Operating System Installation ($99)*- With Personal Data Backup (Music, Movies, Pictures, Documents, etc) ($149) *- With Email Client Setup ($199)
  • Laptop Screen Repair (Labor $99)*- Replacement LCD Screen ($99-$149) + Labor ($99)  *- Replacement Touchscreen Digitizer ($189-$389) + Labor ($99)
  • Laptop Keyboard Repair (Labor $99)- Replacement Laptop Keyboard ($29-$79) + Labor ($99)
  • Laptop Cooling Fan Repair (Labor $99)*- Replacement CPU Fan ($29-$59) + Labor ($99)
  • Laptop Motherboard Rework (Graphics Reflow, replacement of onboard components) ($149)
  • Laptop DC Jack Repair ($149)
Kim Lozano

Kim Lozano

Grand Rapids, MI

I thought I was going to need a new computer but Vertex cleaned up my existing machine, added memory and had it working like new in just 24 hours. That saved me cash–thanks guys!