Computer and Server Data Backup Systems

In order to prevent data or file loss, you need to have a reliable backup system. Most business owners are not completely aware how their backup should work. Many times clients have thought they backed up their data, but found out too late that there was no data to restore. Do not panic if files have been accidentally deleted and/or a hard disk has crashed. Vertex computer will be able to find your deleted files and email after we implement our backup technology. However, preventing lost data is the more effective and efficient way to protect your data so call us now to make sure that your backup system is set up correctly.

Vertex will help you backup your workstation, as well as your server, to keep your business’ downtime to a minimum. We also recommend keeping a backup offsite in case a disaster were to happen.

New technology and hardware can make your old system obsolete, but your programs and data are the most valuable asset from your old computer. The technical consultants at Vertex Computer can restore your data and programs to the same workable condition as in your previous computer with minimal downtime.

Just remember, when you hear, “You need a new computer,” it’s important to realize that most of the value in your computer is in the data and programs. If you get a new computer without concern for this ahead of time, a great deal of work time and value in programs can be lost. Save yourself the hassle, and quit pulling out your hair. Call Vertex; we can set up a new system for you that will function well with your existing data and programs.

Brian P. Lovellette

Brian P. Lovellette

President, Association Services of Michigan, Lansing MI

We are a small company so Vertex is our IT department. Computers are critical to our operation. Vertex takes care of all of our computer needs and keeps us up-to-date on new technology. They are always available when needed. We have been working with them for over six years and I would highly recommend them to anyone.