About Us

Welcome to Vertex. If you use a computer or own or manage a business, there are times you’re going to wish you had a computer expert. Now you do! We are the fast, affordable experts you need to know. We are locally owned and centrally located in the Frandor shopping center, near the Frandor Deli and Lake Trust Credit Union. Our goal is to make individuals well-equipped for all their personal computing and secure with their information online, and also to assist businesses to effectively compete in today’s marketplace through the use of cutting-edge computer technology and network solutions.

Vertex Computer is Mid-Michigan’s leading partner in building innovative small business network security systems and helping the individual and businesses develop the power to be effective in today’s high-tech world. Founded in 1996, Vertex has become a leader in developing innovative solutions for increasing productivity; that’s why you call us. Talk with us about what you need to get the job done. We’ll provide the technical solutions to help.

Vertex offers the mid-Michigan community a personalized service designed to not only answer today’s high-tech needs, but to also provide systems and service to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.


Bill Weckesser

Bill Weckesser

Trinity Financial, East Lansing, MI

I’ve used Vertex Computer for about a decade. They’ve designed, built and maintained my computers and network. The service has been top notch. I really appreciate the way they can move data from an old machine to a new one…so upgrading with them is fast and seamless.